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    Any business, of any type or size, will eventually encounter a customer who is dissatisfied with their product. All businesses expect this to happen and devise a way to deal with it. We at Viking Boat Lift will use the simplest and easiest method: honesty. As you might know, we do have some clients who are not, at this time, totally satisfied with our follow-up service (OUR PRODUCT HAS NEVER BEEN IN QUESTION). Being essentially a one-man-show, Viking Boat Lift does not have many directions it can go in, at any one time. One man does the design, fabrication, welding, loading, delivery and installation, as well as all the service. This isn't an excuse, it's a fact. There have been customers who have waited for their lift, or for repair or adjustment service to their lifts. Some of these understandably upset people have formed an "vikingboatliftnightmares" webpage and are trying to advertise their frustrations. Again, many established companies have had this same problem. This particular "vikingboatliftnightmares" blog seems to reject any positive comments added to it. The 'good' is obviously being removed to show only their side of the story. That is dishonest.

    Our Viking Boat Lift is still one of the best options out there for its purpose. It is hand-built with care and pride, ...and these are not just words on a page. Comparing our testimonials to our complaints shows where the truth stands. Our testimonials are honest, undoctored, and unprecedented compared to any website anywhere. We urge you to visit our website and take a good long look at them here. Our Viking Boat Lift continues to satisfy an extremely high percent of our customers. We have never intentionally tried to short-change anyone, nor have we wanted or tried to be unfair......and that is the truth.

    If you still want to check us out, proceed to our website by clicking here:

...if not, the best of luck to you in your boat lift shopping.
We must all be dilligent in what we spend our hard-earned dollars on.


-Viking Marine International-