Strange looking animals have always fascinated us. Although it is politically correct to avoid starring a unique people, we still do sometimes. For me, if I see someone unusual I wonder if their personality is weird as well and, therefore, WANT to talk with them. Heck, I've seen human 6 month old baby's who looked like they were alien creatures, and very old grandpa's who were definitely from another planet. Their differences make them so interesting sometimes. Bazarre looking animals make we wonder about their character too, so let's look and wonder at these amazing entities.

I'm just trying to create curiosity, not satisfy it. If you want to know facts, you'll have to search the web.

Let's start off with a creature I'm not sure I'd like to hold.
If this creature looks like this normally, I'd hate to see it agitated.

~an Aye-aye~

This very recent Amazon discovery must move very fast, otherwise why would it have 'flames' painted on the front.

~Ranitomeya Amazonica~

Slightly larger than a normal house cat, this 'shining cat' (Himalayan) looks like a cross among a racoon, a fox and a teddybear.

~Red Panda~

Scientists are always curious about how certain creatures can stick to, or walk on ceilings and walls. This little guy kind of kills the mystery, with his suction-cup feet.
He must make a funny sound when he walks (if he walks).

~Sucker-footed Bat~

Did evolution think his face was too hard to find? I wonder if the other end looks the same ...but without the eyes.

~White-faced Saki Monkey~

No, PhotoShop here, but it sure looks like it. This is an honest baby from the two others.
I can see a lion second-guessing this one.

~the Zonkey~

In case you're attacked by this bear, simply stroll away slowly. He won't have the energy to eat you anyways.

~Sun Bear~

I could be wrong but I don't think furry sleeves were EVER in.
Crab is my very favourite,...just not this one.

~Yeti Crab~

Sure, we've all seen pictures of this guy, but Weird or What?
Why did the Sloth cross the road? I don't know...he hasn't made it yet.

~a Sloth~

It's definitely a cute rabbit, but it probably evolved like this because when it jumps, it lands badly.

~Angora Rabbit~

What was Nature thinking? A tough, amoured exterior and a soft, fluffy, frilly edge? It probably causes it's enemies to sneeze when it bites down on it.

~Pink Fairy Armadillo~

Ya, this little, nosy guy sure would need some great camoflage...but I don't think this is it. What the heck kind of background would he be invisible in front of?

~a Tapir~

I know what you're thinking but no, it doesn't use its ear wax on its mustache.
Why do I hear it speaking in an British accent?

~Emperor Tamarin~

Here we have the rarely seen....ahhh......OK, yes this IS a fake. I just couldn't help myself, but seriously, all of the others are real, natural animals...from THIS planet. Honest.


Let me nabs it's prey by causing it to break into belly laughs, then it grabs it with its tongue.

Dumbo Octopus

Finally, we come to this handsome creature, who looks like he's had his head blown off.
A small matter of a good manicure might help here also.

~Star-nosed Mole~

Forget the "Finally" in the previous one. I wanted to add some more that I've found.
How would you like to find this in your shoe, at the beach?

~Coconut Crab~

I don't know what to say!   It looks so depressed. Can fish get depressed? I've known plumbers who looked like this.


If there is a cross between cute and creapy...this is it.

~Axolotl Salamander~

I didn't know gerbils could mate with moths. With those ears I'll just bet it heard me say that.

~Long-eared Jerboa~

Soft-shelled? For all my pet turtles that was a bad thing. This poor guy fools his enemies by looking like road-kill.

~Cantor's Giant Soft-Shelled Turtle~

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Last & Least. Had these creatures been extinct, you might not have had the pleasure. A loss of any species hurts us all.

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