Last and Least
These are most of our past Last and Least features since its inception. Just select from the thumbnails and click for the full size version.
Your reaction to these tongue-in-cheek presentations has been very satisfying and positive.
We've enjoyed putting them together for you.

Here is a most amazing, ...out-of-the-box thinking, ...beautifully designed, ...economically-functioning boat lift. It is a little bigger than our Viking Boat Lift, but fits into the same category of simplicity. Designed by Scotland-based RMJM, the Falkirk Boat Lift is a marvel.
Another approach to lifting boats. The French have come up with this surprising method.
Boat lift sales are going so well for Viking Boat Lift that we have decided to test market a few other products to see if they might sell as well. From time to time we will offer you, our faithful visitors, a sneak preview of these efforts, to see what the reactions are. This is our first idea.
The belief that 'the simplest method is usually the best'
works in almost all cases. ...ALMOST.
Just in time for Christmas gift buying. Here are a couple of "gotta-have" DVDs for the new owners of a Viking Boat Lift.
As we archive our Last and Least feature we can't forget those wonderful publications that have showcased the fine attributes of the Viking Boat Lift. This is one of a few.
In those rare off days when the weather isn't co-operating for boating,
just stay home, get cozy and rent a great movie to pass the time.
Just a few thoughts from the web developer. No 'preaching' intended.
The endless stream of uninvited visitors to the Viking Boat Lift shop, in the form of vendors, salesmen, people who think they can improve your business, advertisers, tool borrowers, and people who are lost and want directions, eat away a surprising number of minutes out of ones working day.
Because of this, Bo has given thought to moving his shop to a slightly more out-of-the-way area.
For those of you who are true boaters and just can't seem to get enough of this fine lifestyle, here are a few suggestions on how to retain that boating  feel, while stuck at home during the long winter months...
As the drug police improve their methods, so too, do the drug runners. Here is the latest rig for trying to outrun the marine cops.
Let us all take a break from this world of promoting the Viking Boat Lift, and simply relax with a few quiet photographs of nature. It's not like we have to sell our lift 24 hours a day.
Just step back from it all and enjoy...
At Viking Boat Lift, security is always on our minds. Cottagers, especially, have to deal with thieves who think so little of themselves that they feel the only way to get property, is to steal it. Because of this threat, we think we have come up with a useful accessory for your Viking Boat Lift...
As we all know (??), one of Oprah's main objections is how almost all boat lifts obscure the scenery. Here's another feather in our cap re: publications....
Isn't it always the way? You have an intelligent conversation with someone and the moment they walk away you think of something to say which would have sealed your argument, or at least, left them with something to laugh or think about. Since this can be frustrating, we now offer you a few lines to memorize, which will ensure your "one-up-manship".
This week, I (the webmaster), conducted an internet search utilizing the major search engines, using the words "boat lift joke" as the search parameter. The only result, everytime, over the whole planet, was this very page, right here at the "Last and Least" feature. I guess we just have to face the facts that boat lifts are a serious subject, not to be joked about...and I find that ......quite funny!
So I will now attempt to write a few myself. In the past I have laughted at quite a few jokes, so...therefore,......I must be qualified to write a few, dont'cha think?
Here are a few NEWS stories to keep you informed, as you peruse our web pages.
Our Viking Boat Lift think-tank has just spent a record-breaking 15 whole minutes fleshing out some new promotional ideas for our incredible lift. Here is a glimpse!
We can never regale ourselves too often
with those wise words from our planet's sages.
Here are but a few...
Sometimes while Bo is busy installing the Viking Boat Lift, he hears various comments from his clients who are standing around pretending like they are actually helping.
Here are but a few...
Some of the most intelligent people, are only intelligent when they deal with the present.
Statements on the future often reveal their shortcomings.
More photographs involving our very photogenic Viking Boat Lift...
This installment of Last and Least features a remarkable car which saves money, both in purchase and in operation, while retaining the thrill of driving a respondsive and agile vehicle. It is known a SMART car. Smart stands for "Swatch Mercedes art", so the correct written name is: SMart. Now, what does this have to do with boat lifts? Well,....the owner of Viking Boat Lift owns that is the connection. Let us not dwell on details. Let's get on with our feature.
A recent internet search has turned up "ZERO" boatlift jokes, so I am forced to offer you these interesting facts about the world you live in. I hope you find them useful for winning bets, becoming champion of 'Trivial Pursuit', or for water-cooler or smoke-break conversation.
Due to the success of the Viking Boat Lift, we have decided to produce other products for public consumption. Here are three examples. Your feedback is welcomed as long as it includes an order for 100 or more.
For those of us who have good, working brains, they can be a source of self-awareness, problem-solving and a vehicle for day-to-day pleasure. I, for one, enjoy my brain and would be lost without it. If it were missing I'm sure I would feel light-headed and probably have trouble programming my VCR. With a completely empty cranium, my driving might improve but there would be virtually no change in how I react to my wife asking me what I did today.

You may already know these facts but, then again, you might have forgotten you knew them, so let us take a look. We can only get smarter.

Proper design...has been one of the commandments driving the creation and development of the Viking Boat Lift. Simplicity of design, as you probably know, is a Danish trademark, hence (I've always wanted to use that word)...hence, the current form of our lift is clean and simple, eliminating any un-needed members or material. The human eye enjoys good design instinctively. Good design excites, initiates interest and curiosity, and it draws us in to the elegance of the duality of function and beauty. Let's take a short journey through some interesting examples of visual and mental stimulation in everyday objects. This could encompass thousands of pages but we will only touch on 'water' and 'land' in this 'Last and Least'.
A look at Canadians through the eyes of a funny American.
It only takes one of those views out a window on the International Space Station to see how tremendously huge the planet Earth actually is. Even with our current technologies and hundreds of years of study, we still do not know all the inhabitants of this world. Everyday new species are being discovered, especially in our oceans and dark jungles. This version of 'Last & Least' will offer a short view of just a few of our most unusual-looking creatures. The internet and television keeps most of us well informed but we hope there is at least one here which has escaped your ken.

If there are any objections to the use of any of these photos, just email Kitlani Enterprizes with your reasons, and your issue will be happily addressed.