Let's preface by saying that we will try to show daring, different and daffy designs, just for the fun of it....to try to make you feel the EXCITEMENT of interesting design.
This is not intended to be an overview of design history or purpose.
Let us start out with designs 'on water'.

Sailboats already have their inherent beauty, but the future could add to that.

This SHIP is a reality and has been in service for different purposes, for awhile now. Wouldn't you love to pilot her up to a waterside restaurant?

This looks like a combination of 'military' with 'pleasure yacht'.

Classic design has a certain sweetness to it.

Although not in production yet, the function has been proven. This PWC is meant to skim the water surface as well as land and take off from water. You can see how the air is pulled in and focused downward to create a cushion.


Land vehicles have their own style.

The eye seems to rejoice in unique design. Streamlining always has some influence.

The Chrysler ATLANTIC is a concept car that mates old and new design into a (our opinion) beautiful hunk of mobile metal.

Minimal adornment is easy to accept and the eye seems to appreciate large surfaces and simple lines.

Here are some extreme examples of future automobile shape and structure. Two of these were designed by the same, very famous company. The lower left is on-the-fringe, but most of the concepts for its function have been realized.

Sadly, not all design decisions take into account the visual aspect of the resulting form. Most drivers still want to avoid looking like a joke. The top 'beauty' was made by Messerschmitt, who also designed the Messerschmitt Me 262-A plane, which could have won the war for the Germans.

Motorcycle design has taken off with the use of modern structural materials. Some of these designs give the impression that the creator re-invented the bike from the ground up. Two wheels can be so beautiful.

The wonder of design has pushed the difference between 4 wheels and 2 wheels, toward THREE wheels. The two views at the top are a Dutch invention which leans like a motorcycle. Looks like fun to us.
The bottom left is an example of a type of design called 'Steam Punk'. It is modern technology with an 1800's external character, using lots of brass and tubing.
The final photo is one of many three-wheeled car/bikes in production.
Wonder what they are like to drive? Testdrive a Can-Am Spyder (http://spyder.brp.com/).

Once in a while design goes "over-the-top". It is then difficult to know just what it is you are looking at.
Upper Right: A 3-wheeled car where the single wheel detaches and can be riden as a powered unicycle.
Bottom Middle: A snow motorcycle. (looks mean, doesn't it?)

Great design can energize and excite us. If it is married with function and purpose, it approaches art. Try to match the names below with the photos in the above section, as you enjoy the ride.
This CHEAT link will lead you to the correct answers.

'Peugeot'       'Mercedes'       '2010 Delahaye USA Bugnotti Type 57 Roadster'        'Saab'       'Mitsuoka Orochi'       '2009 Corvette Prototype'       'Cadillac Cien'       'Aston Martin One-77'       'Eco-vette'       'Volvo P 1800'       'Sintesi Prototype'       '1961 Corvette Mako Shark'       'Morgan Aeromax'       '1958 Firebird III'

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