We all have to face it.

This planet's weather is no-longer predictable using past experience. Quite often a mariner, about to voyage to a far destination, would search through the old details and facts recorded from past journeys, to best plot their course.

Some of these weather records are in the form of hand-written comments on the wind, current and sea, for each grid on a chart, containing information from the last two hundred years. Some are in huge databases kept by meteorologists. Some are in tables, bar grafts, wind roses etc. This amazing collection of, up-til-now, viable weather info is not to be trusted anymore due to global weather change. This century-spanning repository of dependable data is now, sadly, questionable, if not completely useless.

Mankind has had an impact, but it is wrong to view our effect upon the Earth as un-natural, as we are simply another part of the planet's natural system. Humans are not some outside cause wrongly affecting the natural order. We are as much a part of 'nature' as a bird or a plant. We just happen to be a very effectual part of nature. Our intellect is not evenly distributed over invention and consequence. Greed and dishonesty are still far too strong in us......but we..ARE..learning. Let's hope we are smart enough to know how stupid we are, and gradually turn this global weather trend around. Human beings are 'self aware', but we may not be 'planet aware'. Maybe we don't "see the big picture".

Let us all step back far enough from our personal lives to be able to view ALL the factors affecting us, not just in our own short lives but those of the following generations. Are we going to give up and let 'them' solve the problem? We will bend over backwards to protect our own personal universes but will we do the work needed to rescue our collective universe? Every....single....person on this planet, has to know that they, themselves, have to do ....something....to stop this downward slide. Find your piece to work on. Work on it. Do it for yourself. Do it for the future of the future. Do it, because somehow, somewhere, you helped to create the problem, and now it is time to correct it.

Remember, the end result of our inaction could be equal to something as unthinkable as the end result of a nuclear world war.
Lets all wish ourselves "Good Luck!",...but lets not leave it just to "luck".

~the webmaster -- rg

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