Come on in !
Velkommen hen til vor Dansk besøgende.

This website has been created to follow the revitalizing of a classic Danish fishing boat
of the mid 20th. century.
This site also has the purpose of inviting input about these 'workhorses of integrity' in order to form a database of information. We agree....this is a very small niche to cover, but if it isn't saved, will be lost to everyone,
and these 'veterans of the North Sea' should be more than fading memories.

(...the oldest national flag in continued use... )

This is how she looked when Bo Moller found her. She had been standing on shore for a few years...without cover or care. The weather was carrying out its relentless assault on her, but the strength of her oak and the quality of her build, helped her hold her own... holding out for the moment in time when kind eyes would fall upon her beams.

A similar ship still in operation.


A newer version of the tried-and-true DFV hull. (Danish Fishing Vessel is an actual classification)


The lines of the hull reach back to the age before engines.


Before that...they had a different hull.

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