To start at the beginning,....A casual glance out the car window while driving through Virginia, and the sight of an attractive hull through the passing trees, was the instigator for this adventure.
~A few minutes later, questions were being asked and an interest was spawned. What followed, weeks later, was a formal 'request for a bid' from the US government. After some anxious waiting the bid was successful and the arrangments were then put in place for the transporting of the boat to Canada.
~When it arrived at Viking Marine Internatioal, in Stoney Creek, Ontario, it was crane-lifted off the truck bed and positioned lovingly in the yard. The process of revitilizing 44-377 will begin soon.
~New techniques and materials will not be rejected in this rebuild, but the end result should be very similar to the original. In the future, an Atlantic crossing is cautiously planned.
~In this website, we will try to take you through the preparation, pain and joys of this rebirth. We urge you to check back once in a while, to follow us in this journey.